Older person in winter

Winter Safety Guidelines For The Elderly

During most summers, we experienced periods of scouring temperatures across the UK (even if this summer has been less than…

31 Aug 2023
Care Nurse Greeting Residents

Why Working in Care is so Rewarding

When most people think of care, they may think of a carer washing their clients, cooking them food and possibly…

07 Jun 2023
Caregiver and resident going for a walk on an Autumn day

Home Care This Winter

Home care, whether full-time or part-time, is very important, especially this winter. With increased living costs and electricity being more…

21 Nov 2022
Someone checking their blood sugar levels.

Spread Awareness About World Diabetes Day

Now that Halloween has come and gone, November is a busy month. Beginning with Bonfire Night, the month is full…

14 Nov 2022
Caregiver checking someone's blood who has diabetes.

Caring for a Person With Diabetes

In the UK alone, there are almost 5 million people who suffer from diabetes with a further 13.6 million people…

29 Jul 2022
Doctor taking someone's blood pressure

How To Lower High Blood Pressure

In the UK alone, 16 million adults suffer from high blood pressure. As such, high blood pressure is the biggest…

25 May 2022
Older man peering into the distance

Effective Ways To Combat Loneliness

The issue of loneliness will more than likely affect most of us at some point in our lives. In April…

22 Apr 2022
Caregiver greeting an elderly person at the door

Why Work in Personal Care?

In the early months of 2022, employers are advising of a record number of vacancies. With so many employment opportunities,…

25 Feb 2022
An elderly person smiling and laughing with a caregiver.

Why Personal Care is Important this Winter

As the nights become darker, temperatures plummet and something as simple as a warm cosy blanket becomes a necessity, so…

01 Feb 2022
An elderly persons hand being gripped

How Sensory Stimulation Can Be Beneficial

According to the World Health Organisation, Dementia is ‘the syndrome in which there is a deterioration in cognitive function beyond…

11 Jan 2022