Caregiver checking someone's blood who has diabetes.

Caring for a Person With Diabetes

29 Jul 2022

In the UK alone, there are almost 5 million people who suffer from diabetes with a further 13.6 million people being at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. As you might have guessed, a large proportion of those with diabetes are over the age of 50. While there is no cure for diabetes yet, there are ways to mitigate the effects of diabetes. In this article, we will show you how you can care for a loved one suffering with diabetes and help improve their quality of life.

Implement A Balanced Diet

Diet plays a major role for those with diabetes. Implement a balanced and healthy diet containing non-starchy vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, cucumbers and tomatoes. Stick to healthier carbohydrates such as wholegrain rice, pasta and bread. Cut down on red and processed meats and opt for chicken, turkey and fish instead. You should also encourage someone with diabetes to get enough protein from their food. Other sources of protein can be found in beans, lentils, chickpeas, tofu and eggs.

It is also recommended to lower salt intake, as too much salt can cause high blood pressure. Foods with added sugars should also be avoided. When you consider type 2 diabetes is where the body produces too much sugar in the blood, food with added sugar will increase the risk of having too much sugar in the body and, of course, you do not want this. In saying that, just because your loved one has diabetes, this does not mean they shouldn’t occasionally enjoy some of their favourite foods in moderation.

Exercise Regularly

Regular and effective exercise has many potential benefits for those with diabetes. Aside from improving their overall mood and helping them feel less stressed about their condition, regular exercise also improves their sensitivity to insulin which, subsequently, improves the performance of the substance in their body. Because of this, their blood sugar levels can become more stable. 

A common misconception of someone who starts exercising is to think they have to be really good at it straight away, this could not be further from the truth. For starting out, make small goals. A simple 10 minute walk can be more than enough to get your loved one started.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Avoiding alcohol beverages and smoking has many potential advantages, one of which is helping to combat the effects of diabetes. By avoiding or quitting smoking, your loved one can lower their blood sugar levels, subsequently helping with diabetes. Whilst on diabetes medication such as insulin, it is also recommended to avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol can cause blood sugar levels to drop significantly and lead to the risk of fainting or other serious problems.

Reduce Stress

We have already touched on how exercising can improve stress levels, but lower stress levels in general is helpful when it comes to coping with diabetes. Feeling stress can raise blood sugar levels, which has a direct effect on how a diabetic reacts to insulin and subsequently how they cope with diabetes. Trying to avoid potentially stressful situations and sporadically taking time to relax is a great way to make diabetes medication more effective.

Need Help With Personal Care?

We understand caring for a loved one with diabetes can be quite difficult and time consuming at times, particularly for those with busy lifestyles. At Hands on Care, we are a well established purveyor of personal care from Telford and we are well versed in helping to take care of people with diabetes and other illnesses.  We can help with mediation, food preparation, cleaning, regular outings as well as morning and night routines for those with limited mobility. 

Whether you require full-time or part-time care for your loved one, our team of personal carers are highly experienced, friendly and caring. Make an enquiry or call us directly to find out more about our diabetic caring services.


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