Caregiver smiling at a male resident before he digs into his food.

Mastering the Art of Care Job Interviews: Tips and Tricks

Preparing for any job interview is paramount to ensure that you have the best possible opportunity to secure a job…

04 Jun 2024

Signs to Look Out For with Alzheimer’s Disease

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, one in three people in the UK will develop dementia in their lifetime. A 2019…

22 Jan 2024
The Elderly and Seasonal Depression

4 Ways Seniors and Caregivers Can Prevent and Manage Seasonal Depression

As seasons change, so can our moods. For many senior individuals and caregivers, seasonal depression can linger in the air.…

18 Dec 2023

5 Food Safety Tips For Caregivers

As a caregiver, whether you’re taking care of a loved one at home or working in a healthcare facility, ensuring…

09 Nov 2023
Elderly People at Christmas

How To Help The Elderly During The Festive Season

We know Christmas can be a lonely time, especially for the elderly community. According to a survey carried out by…

29 Sep 2023
Older person in winter

Winter Safety Guidelines For The Elderly

During most summers, we experienced periods of scouring temperatures across the UK (even if this summer has been less than…

31 Aug 2023
Close up of a career and resident hands embracing

10 Essential Skills Needed For Success In Care Jobs

What makes a great caregiver? Some qualities we would consider great are a kind heart and a bubbly personality. Alongside…

14 Jul 2023
Care Nurse Greeting Residents

Why Working in Care is so Rewarding

When most people think of care, they may think of a carer washing their clients, cooking them food and possibly…

07 Jun 2023
A Carer Helping The Elderly

A Day In The Life Of A Carer For The Elderly

Are you interested in a fulfilling career in the personal care industry? Are you curious about what it is like…

11 May 2023
Resident and a caregiver sitting on a bench outside of an assisted living facility.

How To Choose The Right Assisted Living Facility For Your Loved One

We understand that the issue of care is a sensitive area to come to terms with. It’s considered by families…

05 Apr 2023