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Why Work in Personal Care?

25 Feb 2022

In the early months of 2022, employers are advising of a record number of vacancies. With so many employment opportunities, you might be spoilt for choice as a potential employee. So why don’t  you consider a career in personal care? 

It has been cited that employment opportunities have increased particularly in the social care sector. The final quarter of 2021 saw a 15% increase in job openings in social care. As you can imagine there are many opportunities at Hands on Care, your friendly offers of personal care from Telford. 

However, there are few careers as rewarding and diverse as a career in personal care. There are many reasons to work in the care industry so we thought we would showcase some of the best parts of a career in personal care. 

No Two Days are Ever the Same

In your current role; are you bored of doing the same thing every day? Be it scanning groceries through a till for 8 hours at a time or working in the same spot in the same factory all day? 

You might be looking for your first job and want a diverse and dynamic role to counteract your current state of equilibrium?

When working in personal care, no two days are ever the same. Upon commencing on starting your day, you know your day will be varied and exciting. 

Meeting New People

Many job postings are littered with phrases like ‘people person’ and ‘interpersonal’ but few times is it really that true. All of our roles involve a certain element of interpersonal communication. 

If you enjoy talking and developing communication channels with people, developing personal relationships and are a generally sociable person, a career in personal care might be for you. 

A Rewarding Career

As previously alluded to, few careers are as rewarding and fulfilling as working in social care. You have the power to change someone’s life. 

If you have had that warm fulfilling feeling from helping someone? Well imagine you could get this on a daily basis. 

A Variety of Opportunities

Personal and social work is not as simple as just helping people, there are a plethora of options available. 

From run of the mill care assistants to care managers to more specific roles such as drug and alcohol workers. Furthermore, we offer a range of positions in the cleaning industry. 

Making Friends 

Building on from the idea of being sociable and meeting new people. Many in the care community build long lasting friendships through working in the industry. 

Be it with your fellow care workers or your clients, everyone who works in the industry showcases an incredible amount of outgoingness. We are sure you will feel welcomed no matter what.

The Ability to Learn

Even the most seasoned care worker will admit, there is always much more to learn. You will learn how to adapt to different people and situations. Accompanying this is the ability to learn more about yourself where your interests truly lie. 

From developing soft skills such as your interpersonal and organisational skills to more unique skills such as adaptability and to authentically show someone you truly care for someone. 

This exceptional career path will keep you on your toes. Whilst some days might be challenging, there will be more that are rewarding. It is these rewards and challenges that will mould you into a fantastic and charismatic individual. 

What to Do Next? 

If you feel like you fit the job description of a future personal care worker, you might want to check out our current vacancies on Indeed

Additionally, for more information regarding personal care in Shrewsbury and Telford, please stay up to date with our website and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

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