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Effective Ways To Combat Loneliness

22 Apr 2022

The issue of loneliness will more than likely affect most of us at some point in our lives.

In April 2021; results from an Opinion and Lifestyle Surveys advised the number of adults in the UK affected by loneliness had increased 7.2%. That equates to roughly 3.7 million adults. Although the number of younger people feeling lonely has sharply risen, there is not much doubt that a large portion of these almost 4 million people are people aged 50 and over. This clearly highlights the increasing demand to show yourself some quality and effective personal care. 

While there are no set ways to combat and cure loneliness; there are multiple personal care steps you can implement to help you improve general wellbeing and help to decrease this ever rising number of loneliness sufferers. As a well established supplier of personal care to Shrewsbury and surrounding areas, we have had many years of helping people combat feelings of loneliness.  

So let’s take a look at some of the proven ways to combat loneliness, improve your mental health and overall well being. 

Adopt A New Hobby or Rediscover An Old One

Have you always wanted to learn a new hobby or are you desperate to get back to an old hobby you used to love? Adopting or rediscovering a hobby is a fantastic way to help combat loneliness. For the large part, interacting with others is a great form of social care and hobbies are a brilliant way to meet new people. 

Hobbies are also a great way to remain productive offering a unique feeling of self worth whilst also keeping your mind busy diverting it away from less than stellar thoughts. This is not to mention the overall pleasure and enjoyment you will feel by simply doing something you love. 

Hobbies are usually an excellent way to meet new people or reform past relationships. Whether the hobby is knitting, book clubs or a sport activity; all of these interests require a certain element of personal connection with others. 

Exercise More

Leading on nicely from participating in more hobbies; exercise more can help to improve self worth as well as simultaneously fighting feelings of loneliness. As previously alluded to; exercise can involve team sports and activities in which you will have more face to face contact with other people.  

Accompanying this is the fact that when you exercise your body releases endorphins to drastically improve your self esteem and general self worth. 

Sporadically Use Social Media

Whilst it might be tempting during times of loneliness to spend hours scouring the depths of social media in an attempt to feel connected to others; many studies have shown that this can actually be to your detriment. 

Some researchers cite the fact that when on social media all users see is likes and comments as opposed to genuine personal connections. This is not to say social media can not be used for personal care reasons though. Recently there have been numerous apps that are primarily used for socialising electronically such as watching films together and for general chats. 


Having a pet can not only lower your blood pressure and stress levels; it can help reduce loneliness. Pets offer a certain degree of companionship and responsibility. 

Many pets, such as dogs and cats, can also sense when you are sad or upset. They can smell a change in hormones and to a certain degree, they can notice when your body language changes. In turn, many pets will try to comfort you during these times. 

Show Yourself Some Personal Care

When feeling lonely, it might be tempting to not show yourself any self care. But showing yourself some self some personal care during periods of loneliness is all the more paramount. 

Showing yourself some self care does not have to be overly complex. Simple touches like having a nice hot bath or watching your favourite film are very effective ways to make yourself feel better. 

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