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Why Personal Care is Important this Winter

01 Feb 2022

As the nights become darker, temperatures plummet and something as simple as a warm cosy blanket becomes a necessity, so does personal care. 

The cold weather brings more than just the annoying fact you have to scrape the frost off your car windscreen before making the commute to work. Many researchers have found that, during the winter months, people’s immune system significantly weakens compared to the rest of the year. 

Many experts believe that this could be due to a reduction of Vitamin D levels. This is to be expected as generally people do not get exposure to the sun as frequently. 

I hope we have established that the winter can become quite a problematic time for many when it comes to personal wellbeing. At Hands on Care, we want you to stay safe this winter. So let’s look at some useful tips and tricks you can implement to make this winter significantly easier. 

Opening a Window

Opening a window is now very common practice as the recent COVID-19 has made this technique all but essential. 

Whilst is might be tempting to keep the warm the air in this winter, these are some of the positives of simply opening a window: 

  • It Brings in More Oxygen- Oxygen might be essential to our survival but inhaling more oxygen has many other health benefits. For example, increased brian function which simultaneously decreases the chance of headaches.
  • It Disposes of Air Pollutants–  Throughout the day, think of all the pollutants and germs that travel through the air, opening a window disperses many of these unwelcome germs and bacteria out of your home.
  • Cold Air Circulation Helps to Boost Your Immune System– We have already touched on how important it is to boost your immune system this winter. Experts have found that cold air surprisingly boosts your immune system. 

For more information on how opening a window can benefit your wellbeing, please visit The Conversations very informative and interesting blog. They illustrate why opening a window is so important, especially during a pandemic, as well as some interesting history on the topic.

Mental Health this Winter

Our personal care services incorporates homely touches such as making a cup of tea to help  people wake up in the morning or providing a bedtime routine to give them the best chance of having a good night’s sleep. Little touches like this these can really make a difference to someone’s mental health. 

Mental health is always important but during the winter, it becomes even more paramount. Around 3 in every 100 people in the UK suffer from significant winter depression. Seasonal depression can sap all the energy out of you and make it increasingly difficult to perform even the most mundane tasks. 

Providing quality personal care can be a great way of helping to mitigate the effects of this increasingly common illness. 

Cleaning this Winter

Before you start your spring cleaning, you should really consider honing your cleaning skills this winter. 

When you buy cleaning products you might see labels plastered all over them such as ‘kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria!’ As you might have guessed, killing germs and bacteria is extremely beneficial especially when stopping nasty viruses spreading. 

In addition to this, by killing more germs, you will drastically reduce the chances of you or a loved one getting the COVID-19 virus. 

If you sometimes struggle to keep on top of your household cleaning, why don’t you take advantage of our extensive cleaning service which includes general cleaning, laundry and ironing as well as window cleaning. 

Whilst we offer high quality personal care in Telford, we also offer cleaning services in sed location, in fact we offer this service from Telford to Whitchurch. 

Stay Safe Beyond the Winter

For this winter and beyond, if you have any questions regarding personal care in Shrewsbury or any other locations we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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