Caregiver greeting an elderly person at the door

Why Work in Personal Care?

In the early months of 2022, employers are advising of a record number of vacancies. With so many employment opportunities,…

25 Feb 2022
An elderly person smiling and laughing with a caregiver.

Why Personal Care is Important this Winter

As the nights become darker, temperatures plummet and something as simple as a warm cosy blanket becomes a necessity, so…

01 Feb 2022
elderly gentlemen painting. Loving partner looking on.

Having Fun When Mobility is a Consideration

Being unable to move much isn’t fun – especially if you are a big fan of moving about. But even…

17 Jan 2022
An elderly persons hand being gripped

How Sensory Stimulation Can Be Beneficial

According to the World Health Organisation, Dementia is ‘the syndrome in which there is a deterioration in cognitive function beyond…

11 Jan 2022
two sets of hands holding a gift in front of a christmas tree

Preparing For the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching. That means gifts, bad weather, and wonderful food. More than anything else, though, it means…

11 Dec 2021
Silver haired woman smiling as she is performing exercise

What are the Benefits of an Exercise Regime

Exercise is important, no matter what stage of your life. However, for older people, the need to maintain a keen…

01 Nov 2021
Elderly lady with cup of tea

Understanding and Treating Low Blood Sugar

The risk of diabetes rises with age, with up to 25% of over 60 year olds dealing with the illness.…

04 Oct 2021
A resident laughing with a caregiver on a sofa

How Personal Care Can Help With Fragility at Home

It’s important to be honest about the problems you and your loved ones are going to be facing as we…

22 Sep 2021