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How Personal Care Can Help With Fragility at Home

22 Sep 2021

It’s important to be honest about the problems you and your loved ones are going to be facing as we all get older. It’s highly likely that as they get older, your loved ones are going to need some form of personal care — especially if they intend to stay independent. At Hands on Care, we specialize in the kind of care that allows your loved one to maintain the same independent and dignified life they have always lived. We call this personal (or domiciliary) care. Scroll below to see how personal care can help your loved one today. 

Helping your loved one keep their house clean

A carer could come to your loved one’s home and help them keep it clean. This could mean helping your loved one clean their home or doing it themselves. It could also mean helping your loved one to declutter their living space. Multiple studies have shown that decluttering has a very positive effect on improving anxiety and general mental health. This means that, depending on your loved one’s health needs and personal care plan, it could be drastically important for their home to be decluttered. 

Helping to keep your loved one’s house well lit

As people age, it’s very common that their eyesight starts to deteriorate. This can cause confusion and distress, particularly for people who are also experiencing the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia. As a result, it’s very important that your loved ones have adequate lighting in their homes. Not only will this help with any confusion and distress caused by inadequate lighting, but if your loved one is experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s it will also help with any confusion. 

Helping your loved one with self-maintenance

Another important area that a personal carer could help with is in self-maintenance. A carer could help your loved one with such tasks as hair and nail care and making sure that they get their hair cut. Depending on your loved one’s needs, the carer could also help your loved one with using the bathroom or showering. 

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Personal care can help your loved one maintain an independent and dignified lifestyle. Get in touch with Hands on Care today to find out more information on how we can help you or your loved ones.


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