Elderly People at Christmas

How To Help The Elderly During The Festive Season

29 Sep 2023

We know Christmas can be a lonely time, especially for the elderly community. According to a survey carried out by Age UK in 2021, almost 1.5 million Brits over the age of 65 feel lonely during the festive season and around 1 million of them said they will be eating dinner alone on Christmas Day. While these figures have increased due to the effects of COVID, this doesn’t change the fact that many elderly people will spend Christmas alone this year. Thankfully, there are many ways to help the elderly community during the upcoming festive season.

Pay Them A Visit

A friendly visit from a familiar face can be the best Christmas present for an elderly relative or neighbour. Whether it’s a short chat over the phone or a long conversation over a few cups of tea, you can be sure to brighten their day. Getting them to talk about their favourite stories, going through photo albums and watching TV with them are proven and effective  ways to make a strong connection and help them feel less lonely. 

Help Out With Housework

While you pay them a visit, you could also help them with any housework such as cleaning and cooking them a hearty meal. If they haven’t put up their Christmas decorations yet, this is the perfect opportunity to help them make their place look cosy and spread festiveness. During the lead up to Christmas, local supermarkets and shops can become extremely busy and overwhelming for some elderly people, getting their groceries for them and putting them away is another way of helping them out massively as it is a big task off their mind.

Take Them On A Stroll

Many elderly people choose to keep warm and stay indoors, which can worsen feelings of isolation or loneliness. By taking them on a short drive or a stroll to their local area to admire the Christmas lights, they will get a chance to get outside, exercise and chat to other people who are out and about. To go the extra mile, take them out to their favourite restaurant for a festive meal or take them to a local play are alternative ways of getting them out of the house and combating feelings of loneliness. In saying that, it’s important to pace any activities and modify them to their abilities, energy levels and needs.

Give Them A Gift

No matter the age, everyone is entitled to a Christmas gift. Giving gifts is a great way to strengthen relationships and show the receiver you care about them. Some gift ideas for elderly people include a handwritten Christmas card, homemade baked treats, clothing, beauty hampers, CD’s, books, jigsaw puzzles and home accessories. If you know them on a personal level, a photo frame, jewellery or personalised items can bring them joy and sentimental value. At the same time, gifts don’t have to be expensive, as we already mentioned above a visit from a familiar face can bring joy, if not more joy than a physical gift. 

Provide Them With Professional Care

If you care for an elderly relative, we understand that you want the best for them. For additional guidance, please read our previous article on Winter Safety Guidelines For The Elderly. The festive season can be a very busy time for most households, therefore you may need a helping hand to provide them with professional care. Hands On Care offers personal home care, social care and cleaning services as well as family support across Shropshire. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please get in touch by calling us on 01952 743490 or making an online enquiry and we will happily assist you and discuss your loved one’s needs.

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