A Carer Helping The Elderly

A Day In The Life Of A Carer For The Elderly

11 May 2023

Are you interested in a fulfilling career in the personal care industry? Are you curious about what it is like being a carer for the elderly? In this article, we’ll briefly describe what a day in the life is like for most of the carers here at Hands on Care. So, what duties do our team of carers undertake on a daily basis? Continue reading to find out more.

Early Mornings

Our carers arrive early and start their client’s day with a friendly wake-up call before making them a morning cup of tea or coffee. Next, they help their client get ready for the day ahead by bathing and dressing them. Afterwards, they remind them of and help them take their morning medication if required. A good start to the day includes a good breakfast – our carers prepare them a healthy breakfast according to their preferences or dietary needs before moving on to their next client.

Cleaning The Home

Some clients have a disability, which restricts their mobility and they may find it difficult to keep on top of daily housework. After breakfast, the client may want to relax and sit down. In the meantime, our carers tackle daily housework including brushing, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, making the bed, washing up the dishes, tidying and so on. 

Afternoon Outings

Some days are spent around the home or garden and having regular conversations. Other days may include attending doctor appointments, collecting their pension or social events. We try to encourage our clients to get out and about frequently. Before heading out, our carers cook them lunch to keep them fuelled through the afternoon. Some popular afternoon outings include a short walk in their local area, meeting friends for bingo or assisting them on a trip to the supermarket. Following a day of activities, clients would have worked up an appetite so our carers will cook them dinner depending on their daily routine and help them wash up afterwards.

Night Routine

As day turns to night, it’s time for clients to wind down by watching their favourite TV programme, whether that’s the BBC News or an episode of Coronation Street! Meanwhile, carers review their itinerary for the next day and the rest of the week. Once it’s close to bedtime, our carers will wash, dress and assist clients in taking their nightly medication before helping them get into bed and ensuring their home is secure and tidy upon leaving.

Join Our Team 

While this is a brief insight into a day in the life of our team of carers, their day-to-day schedules vary depending on how many clients they have and their clients’ needs. Some clients may require more assistance than others for getting in and out of bed. Other clients are fully independent but require companionship. 

If you found this intriguing, we’re currently hiring for a number of full-time and part-time positions to provide personal quality home care services across Shropshire. Joining the Hands on Care team will allow you to work with helpful co-workers, build close relationships with your clients, get support from management and progress in your career. 

Apply today to become part of our friendly team by sending your CV to mandy@hands-on-care.co.uk. For more information on our current vacancies, please visit our website or call 01952 743490. We look forward to hearing from you!


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