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World Alzheimer’s Day At Hands On Care

21 Sep 2022

The 21st September 2022 marks World Alzheimer’s day. The event has run since 2012 and has continued to run every year since. 

The awareness day seeks to address some of the stigma and common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s as well as showcasing ways to help people suffering from the condition. Globally, there is a common conception that Alzheimer’s, on the whole, is misunderstood. This is only highlighted by the fact that in one of our previous blogs, we touched on the differences between dementia and Alzheimer’s. As a result of this, sufferers sometimes do not receive the best and appropriate care and treatment. 

Internationally, around 50 million people have dementia. It is estimated that around 50-60% of all dementia cases are actually Alzheimer’s cases. With the condition so wide spread, it makes it all the more paramount to ensure that those suffering receive the appropriate forms of care. 

At Hands on Care, we help to distribute various forms of personal care in Telford. Because of this, we have garnered relevant knowledge of how to help a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. As such, let’s look at ways you can implement care to help someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

Educate Yourself 

We start with perhaps the most obvious, but potentially the most important personal care technique. Educating yourself about the intricacies of the Alzheimer’s condition is beyond paramount. Learning about the different effects of the condition and how to appropriately respond to them, is a very big step forward towards helping someone. 

Keep In Touch

Now you understand the needs of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s, you might want to start enacting some of the techniques you have previously learnt. Undoubtedly, keeping in touch with someone who has Alzheimer’s offers you a fantastic peace of mind regarding their general safety and wellbeing. By keeping in touch, you are also letting them know you care and that you are there for them. 

Keeping in touch can be done in multiple different ways, from sending a postcard or a text message to flippantly paying an expected visit. 

Offer Help With Tasks 

When living with Alzheimer’s, sometimes the easiest tasks can seem rather daunting. That makes it all the more important when it comes to offering help with daily tasks. Helping with cooking, cleaning and other household tasks might not seem like you an over exertion for yourself, however, it can be very beneficial in regards to helping their mindset and general state of mind. 

Remember To Be Patient

When helping someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, patience is one of the most important attributes you can have. Adjusting to an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is a challenging, ever changing process and everyone adapts in different ways. Understanding there might be an initial struggle and they might take a little longer to complete certain tasks is very important. If you understand and accept this, you can remember to be patient. 

Be A Shoulder To Lean

Sometimes knowing that someone is there for you can go a long way. After someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it can be a challenging time and knowing someone is there to help and support you is extremely beneficial. 

Offer Family Members A Reprieve 

While this technique does not directly involve the person suffering from Alzheimer’s in question, offering respite to a family member of someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s might not sound like a lot, but the help goes a long way. 

Offering a reprieve for a family member of someone who has been diagnosed helps the mindset of the family member as well as offering the person being cared for a sense of engagement. 

Trusted Personal Care Providers 

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