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Differentiating Between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

01 Apr 2021

At Hands on Care, we’ve been providing health and social care services for individuals living with dementia, learning difficulties and limited mobility for more than 10 years. With a wealth of experience, we understand how important it is to communicate clearly and effectively with clients – and to also make their points heard too. Communication is vital for developing strong relationships, conveying information clearly, and for also providing emotional support too.

Within social care, two types of communication play a vital role, this includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. Here we will explain the difference between these types of communication within social care settings.

Verbal Communication Explained

Verbal communication includes speech, the written word, and also how something is said. This includes if the tone, pitch, speed and volume of what is said matches the message. All of these factors combined contribute towards the listener decoding the message.

At Hands on Care, we take all of the above into consideration when communicating with clients to ensure that they understand us and that we also understand them. Making each individual feel valued and listened too is hugely important.

Where possible we also try to use use open questions to give individuals chance to talk rather than providing one-word answers. Our aim is to promote independence and to build confidence wherever possible and so we always encourage our clients to share their thoughts, feelings and observations. Dependent on client needs we also repeat and rephrase information where needed to help individuals to understand points.

Non-Verbal Communication Explained

There are a number of ways to communicate that are non-verbal. Using our eyes, facial expression, hand and arm gestures and the way we sit and stand to communicate are all examples. Other lesser known factors such as someone’s clothing or appearance, can also communicate messages.

Every member of our team takes pride in their appearance, arriving for work dressed smartly and in the Hands on Care uniform. Fully trained and with a wealth of experience, we also ensure that we adopt the appropriate body language when working with individuals, all with the aim of making them feel safe, comfortable and valued. We are guests within your home and so always go the extra mile to be respectful and understanding at all times.

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