Helping someone with diabetes

Helping Someone Who Is Diabatic

29 Jul 2022

In the UK alone, there are almost 5 million people who suffer from diabetes with a further 13.6 million people being at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. As you might have guessed, a large portion of people with diabetes are over the age of 50. 

Treating someone who is diabatic is one of the most effective forms of personal care. And while most of the ways to combat diabetes are largely down to the individual sufferer of the condition; there are definitely ways you can help them combat this. While a lot of these techniques can help to improve your overall quality of life; they are also extremely effective at mitigating the effects of diabetes. 

Implement A Balanced Diet

It might seem very easy to just say you should start eating healthier if you have diabetes. However; just because you have diabetes does not mean you shouldn’t enjoy some of your favourite foods. 

Try to eat non-starchy vegetables such as Carrots, Cucumbers and Tomatoes. It is not just vegetables which you should eat more of. You should also encourage someone with diabetes to get enough protein from their food. As such, you should ensure they eat more vegetables like Tofu and also to eat more meats that are high in protein. 

Exercise More Regularly 

Regular effective exercise has many potential benefits. One of which is being able to help with diabetes. Aside from helping you to feel better and helping you feel less stressed, it also improves your sensitivity to insulin which subsequently improves the performance on the substance in your body. Because of this, your blood sugar levels can become more stable. 

A common misconception of someone who starts exercising is to think you have to be really good at it straight away, this could not be further from the truth. If you are only just starting out, start simple. A simple 10 minute walk might be more than enough to get you started. 

Stop Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Stopping drinking alcohol and smoking has many potential advantages, one of which is helping to combat diabetes. By quitting smoking, you can lower your blood sugar, subsequently helping with diabetes. 

Whilst on diabetes medication such as insulin it is highly not recommended to drink alcohol. If you drink alcohol, your blood sugar levels can drop significantly. Therefore, drinking while you have diabetes is normally not recommended. 

Reduce Stress

We have already touched on how exercising can affect your stress levels but lowering your stress levels in general is helpful when it comes to coping with diabetes. Feeling stress can raise your blood sugar which has a direct effect on how you react to insulin and subsequently how you cope with diabetes. 

Trying to avoid potentially stressful situations and sporadically taking time to relax is a great way to make your diabetes medication more effective. 

Cut Down On Added Sugar

When you consider type 2 diabetes is where your body produces too much sugar in your blood. As your might have guessed from this, you will want to avoid food and drink with added sugar. Products with added sugar will increase the risk of having too much sugar in your body and, of course, you do not want this. 

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