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Helpful Spring Cleaning Tips

11 Apr 2022

Now that spring has officially arrived, many of us would have started (or at least considered starting) the long and arduous process of spring cleaning. The activity of cleaning is one of the most important and potentially overlooked forms of personal care. 

Effective and all encompassing cleaning has many advantages. Some of which include drastically decreasing the risk of contracting a virus, reducing the amount of potential harmful bacteria and generally improving mental wellbeing due to the feeling of structure and cleanliness cleaning provides. As a quality purveyor of personal care in Telford, we feel it our duty to highlight why this practice is so important. 

If when enacting your spring cleaning, you are struggling with ways to carry this out effectively. Why not follow some of our helpful tips of ways you can clean this spring. 

Leave No Stone Unturned 

When carrying out your spring cleaning, it is not uncommon to look for ways to cut metaphorically and literally corners. But we employ, do not do this. Spring cleaning is most effective when you cover every inch of your home. 

When dusting, scrubbing, hooving or wiping; make sure you do not miss a spot. This includes: moving furniture so you can hoover underneath, reaching hard to reach places when dusting and wiping surfaces be sure to encompass all of the surfaces. 

Clear The Clutter Away Before Your Start

Before you even initiate the cleaning procedure, clearing any of the unnecessary clutter away will significantly help you when cleaning. When you perform an initial tidy of your home, it not only makes the job of cleaning feel simpler; it makes it much easier to identify any spots which might require further attention. 

The Bathroom Requires Particular Attention

Due to it’s nature; the bathroom becomes a hotbed for germs and bacteria. Many of these unwanted foreign bodies can go largely unnoticed in your bathroom. This is why it is paramount that the cleanliness of the restroom is taken very seriously. 

Most supermarket bought bathroom cleaning products contain chemicals dedicated to killing up to 100% of the bacteria. 

Do Not Neglect Mirrors and Glass

Often overlooked is the cleaning or polishing of glass and mirrors. If you do not clean your mirrors or windows, you will not only garner unpleasant smudges and scruffs but again your glass will harness nasty bacteria. 

Have You Started Your Spring Cleaning? 

Have you already started your spring cleaning? If not, will you be enacting any of our techniques? If you require personal care in Shrewsbury or surrounding areas, please get in contact with us

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