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Help with Dementia at Home

01 Mar 2021

Moving into a care home can be very daunting and often upsetting for individuals living with dementia as not only does it mean a change in environment but it also leads to a change in routine and home comforts. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly common for families across the UK to opt for home care over residential care.

At Hands on Care, we have been supporting families across Telford, Shrewsbury, Staffordshire and Wolverhampton with dementia home care for more than 10 years. Our personal care services are tailored to your individual needs and are designed to reduce the effects of dementia, whilst providing reassurance to the individual and their families.

Familiarity and a Friendly Face with Dementia Care

Dementia can cause confusion, forgetfulness and can lead to restlessness, making individuals more vulnerable to falls and accidents. The team here at Hands on Care can provide the support needed to enable individuals to continue living a safe, happy and comfortable life at home. Familiarity is key for people living with dementia and so we do everything that we can to create a safe and welcoming home.

Should you choose us as your personal care provider, we will take the time to get to know you and your loved one before creating a tailored care plan. We’ll learn about your loved ones past, their relationships, their hobbies and everything else in between. We understand that when we first entre the home, we will be strangers but very quickly we aim to become a friendly face to brighten each day for you and your loved ones.

Caring for People with Dementia at Home

With or without a diagnosis, people often need support and assistance to help them retain as much independence and live as fulfilled lives as possible.

Early recognition and acknowledgment of support can help families establish care as part of the daily routine, helping those with memory loss in remaining independent.

Hands on Care Homecare Services have developed a leading dementia care service with a practical attitude to the bespoke needs of our clients.

Our approach enables our carers to provide personalised care that –

  • Enables your loved one to remain at home
  • Builds confidence and encourages engagement
  • Provides nutritious meals and mealtime activities encouraging healthy eating
  • Creates opportunities for social interaction
  • Provides stimulating activities
  • Builds self-esteem and enhances physical strength
  • Helps to understand their different behaviours and requirements
  • Supports the family to help you take a break from your caring responsibilities

You can rest assured that you will have the right team in place to look after your loved one with dementia.

How Can We Help?

Our personal care services can cover anything from a check-in visit to make a cup of tea and prepare meals to full day visits offering 24/7 support.

Our dedicated Personal Carers are fully trained to:

  • Deliver personal care to help individuals to get up in the morning including supporting them with washing, dressing and preparing / eating breakfast
  • Assis with taking, ordering and collecting medications#
  • Accompany individuals on trips to the shops or to collect a pension (we can also do this on their behalf too)
  • We can also help to keep up with cleaning within the home including doing laundry, ironing, vacuuming and general household cleaning
  • Our support isn’t solely limited to the home, we can also take individuals out for walks and take them to visit friends, day centres, church or shops too
  • At the end of each day, we can also help with getting ready for bed including offering support when washing, putting nightwear on, preparing hot drinks and snacks and retiring to bed

Throughout all our activities, we always ensure that individuals are safe and secure and take all steps necessary to support individuals with their mobility too.

Get in Touch for more Information

If you have any questions about Hands on Care’s dementia care services, please call 01952 743490 today or contact us via our handy contact form online to receive a call back.

Whether you require short term support to help you to take a break from your usual care responsibilities, or you need long term personal care to make each day a little bit easier, our friendly team would be delighted to help. Our team covers Telford, Shrewsbury, South Staffordshire and Wolverhampton areas and we offer 24/7 support.

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