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Even The Smallest Touches Matter

27 Jun 2022

When it comes to social or personal care, there seems to be a common notion that in order to make someone feel cared for they must be waited on hand and foot or they require some sort of grand gesture. As a well renowned supplier of high quality personal care from Telford, we understand and know that this is definitely not the case. Often the smallest detail can really make a difference. This can be between feeling unwanted or uncared for or, feeling valued and looked after. 

Now more than ever; our mental health is of paramount importance. Almost 4 million adults in the UK feel lonely on a regular basis.  Accompanying this, is the fact that it is estimated 20% of the adult population feels depressed, with this number only worsening for older people. 

As you might have guessed, these are some worrying statistics. However, we have decided to look at some of the various ways the little touches can make a big difference. 

What Exactly Constitutes As Little Touches

So, what actually constitutes as little touches? And more importantly, what are considered little touches in personal care? 

To put it simply, a little touch can be anything that someone might consider small, minor or even seemingly conveniently that usually helps to improve someone’s day. The little touches can drastically change someone’s day for the better. In fact, a recent survey found that almost 70% of people believe small but kind gestures can improve their overall mood.

So we know these little touches are important. However, how can you implement them? Well these are just some of the small touches people who practise personal care enact and these are also ones you can enact yourself.  

Listening, But Really Listening

One common small but effective technique you can use to help someone feel better is by simply listening to them. However, it must be said, when you are listening to someone, you have too make sure you are really listening. 

After someone has spoken, vented or explained their feelings and anxieties to you; they should feel unburdened after the experience. The bottom line is; most people just want to be listened to. Many studies have shown that just talking through any feelings or anxieties someone may have can significantly improve their mental health. 

Taking Regular Trips, Even If They Are Little

Often, if someone is not feeling the best, they will just want to get out of their current surroundings. Because of this, taking a small trip to somewhere to change their surroundings can have a very positive impact. 

A common misconception of this technique is that the trip has to be lengthy or far away. This is not the case. The trip can simply be a 10 minute walk to the local shop, or, even a short car ride away from their house. 

Many of our care professionals enact this technique on their visits as it has proven very effective. The technique helps to relieve stress, improves mood and encourages relaxation. 


A technique as old as time, or so it seems, giving people compliments is a sure fire way to improve someone’s mood. Compliments can come in all shapes and sizes. Once more, they don’t have to revolve around aesthetics. 

Highlighting how well someone is doing at a task or how well they are coping has proven to help drastically to improve someone’s mood. 

Need Help With The Little Touches?

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