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A Guide To Our Social Care Service

15 Aug 2022

At Hands on Care, we offer 3 main types of care services. They are, of course, personal care, cleaning services and social care. 

Whilst we have recently produced blogs detailing some of the intricacies of personal care and our cleaning services, we have found that social care has not garnered quite the same amount of attention. While we offer high quality personal care in Telford, we also offer so much more. Especially when you consider our social care service. 

As such, we thought it an opportune time to detail some of the many benefits of our previously mentioned social care service. 

What Is Social Care?

Being very similar to our personal care services, the service mainly refers to care administrated in a social environment. The techniques enacted can be largely personal touches that some people might see as irrelevant, however, the person receiving the care sees as potentially mood improving. These are just some of the little touches which can be implemented.

Starting The Day Off Right

Starting the day off in the correct manner is a sure-fire way to improve your mood and encourage positive thinking for the rest of the day. When you are in a positive mood, even the more strenuous tasks can seem all the more doable and manageable.

Starting the day off in the right manner can be as simple as a freshly made cup of coffee, or a friendly morning greeting. With a technique so simple but so effective, why wouldn’t you try it. Starting the day off in the right way is one of the best techniques to improve anyone’s mood. 

Help Collecting Prescriptions 

If you have a condition which affects your mobility or if you just have problems with mobility in general, collecting your prescriptions or taking a trip to the pharmacy can seem quite daunting and potentially problematic. Luckily, one of our helpful team can be on hand to help with such a task.

Collecting medication is an essential part of many of our client’s lives and if there is something affecting their ability to do so, it must be addressed. Collecting someone’s medication requires a certain level of responsibility. Afterall , the medication in question might be quintessential to an individual’s comfort or general health. 

This is why our careers are well versed in the collection, monitoring and administration of medications and prescriptions. 

Collecting Pensions

For many, pensions are their primarily source of income. They simply rely on them to be able to live a comfortable life. As such, if the previously mentioned mobility issues are affecting your ability to retrieve it, the issue should be resolved by having one of our team collect it for you. 

Similar to our medication collection assistance service, our team can assist you with the collection of your pension. Furthermore, our team can collect your pension for you in person. This eliminates the need for you to travel at all and massively simplifies the process, enabling you to get some much needed rest and recuperation. 

Helping You With Your Social Calendar 

Just because you are older does not mean you no longer need or require a social life. Our team can help you manage, arrange and juggle your social commitments in accordance with your specific interests and hobbies. This ensures you spend more quality time with loved ones, can get out and do more fun and engaging activities, and just generally lead a more fulfilling lifestyle. 

We Provide Social Care

We provide high quality personal care in Shrewsbury, Telford and surrounding areas. Our home care services are all encompassing and help our clients lead much more fulfilling lifestyle.

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